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I have had the pleasure of knowing Lois Elder for 40 years...as a friend, a producer and a co-worker..and she excels in all three categories. Whatever Lois does, she does with her whole heart, her dry wit and with an impossibly upbeat attitude. She is dedicated to, and invested in, her clients, her crew and her talent. Her return on that investment is loyalty at every level. She is always prepared, always on schedule and always ready with creative solutions for unexpected (and inevitable) problems. Her attention to detail is legendary. She is a wonderful writer, a brilliant networker, a creative dynamo and one of the hardest-working women I know. All that, and she loves what she does! There is no one like Lois, and no one better.

Liz Miles
Former co-host KDKA-TV's "Evening Magazine"
and reporter WTAE-TV

Lois Elder. Wow! Where do I begin?!! My favorite producer. Close friend. Seriously sweet lady. Extremely talented writer/producer. “Little Red” Lois is a genuinely brilliant writer/producer with a big heart, an equally large brain, and a sweet style that overcomes all issues and inconveniences, and just flat out gets things done….EVERY TIME!!!! Organized, and incredibly efficient, always positive, pleasant, and productive, Lois is the best at getting the job done, without seeming to struggle, or ever tire. Take her out to lunch, “try her on for size”! If you’re not impressed and inspired with/by her calm demeanor, bold ideas, and pleasant outlook, I’ll buy you lunch….and try to talk some sense into you!!! YOU GO LITTLE LO!!!!!

Jon Burnett
Former KDKA weather anchor, AND Host of “Evening Magazine"
and “Pittsburgh 2Day Live"

I have known and worked with Lois Elder for over 37 years. I can honestly say she is the most organized and professional producer I’ve ever worked with in the radio, TV and recording industry. I’ve never had to worry about working with Lois when I’ve done any commercial or made a public appearance. Not only is she always on top of things, but her exuberant personality made each and every job we did together a pleasant experience with a positive outcome. I am happy to call Lois not only a colleague but a friend. I would never hesitate to recommend her to clients looking for a quality agency for their project.

Sara Lockard
Radio/TV personality and Commercial Spokesperson

I have known Lois for well over 25 years in the advertising world...before she owned her own agency. Whether you are placing an advertising buy, doing creative development for print, outdoor, radio or tv...or need custom promotional items for that special event...Lois does it ALL!!! She is truly Wonder Woman! No job is too big or too small for Lois to handle. She constantly exceeded my expectations on all levels for the various projects that we have worked on together throughout the years. Lois keeps you up to date on all points...trouble shoots any problems before they arise and always gets the job done with the utmost satisfaction for the client. Working with Lois is a pleasure that has always provided winning results!

Judy Yanke Fritzges
Former manager with KDKA and 3WS Radio

There is no other award winning and connected asset like Lois Elder. She is a media expert who thoughtfully listens, is detail oriented, effectively and efficiently leads her clients to success time after time. Lois is known for her integrity, is respectful and shares her creativity generously.

I’ve collaborated with Lois for over 25 years designing graphics for her clients large and small in the education, not-for-profit, commercial and business sectors. She puts her clients first and is dedicated to giving them the best service they deserve. Lois Elder is the most organized, accomplished and easy going professional I have had the pleasure of working with.

Laurel Smith
Checkerberry Graphics, Inc.
Newburgh, NY

I worked with Lois for many years and was always impressed with the preparation she brought to the job. It made my job easier and resulted in an outstanding product. Her attitude and professionalism made working with her a pleasant experience. It was also reflected in the cooperation we experienced in the field working with clients.

Lloyd Zimmer
Retired Production Cameraman/Editor

For over thirty-five years I have known and worked with Lois Elder.
During that time Lois has proven to be a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, multi-media and advertising expert. I can personally attest to her creativity, high level of success, and strong commitment to her clients. And Lois is a delight to work with.

Gleyn E. Ward
Retired National Sales Manager
KDKA Radio

As a Senior Account Executive in the Pittsburgh Market for more than 24 years, I have had the pleasure of knowing Lois Elder and working with her in many capacities. During our time together at CBS Television (KDKA-TV), we closely worked on various projects and productions. Lois was always willing to work hard, stay extremely organized and handle herself as a top-notch professional…always keeping the client needs first. Additionally, we have worked together in the marketing efforts (via broadcast television and digital media) for various clients to deliver an impact of their message among the masses. Lois understands the many facets of this business and is able to implement strategy and creativity to serve her clients extremely well!

Laura F. Stephen
Senior Account Executive
Pittsburgh, PA

It’s a real pleasure working with you. You really know your media and understand how it works for best results. It’s all about results and this is what you deliver.

Gene Alim
Senior Account Executive
WRQX/107.3 FM and WMAL/105.9 FM & 630 AM
Washington, DC

Lois Elder is a pro. She is a good listener, creates quality marketing pieces, and maintains a friendly, ongoing relationship with the client.

Johnette DeRose
Head of Lower School and Admission Director
Valley School of Ligonier
Ligonier, PA

Lois is a dream to work with! She expertly analyzes the available data and makes sure that she is putting us in the right places to reach our target audiences. The radio ads she has written for us get fantastic reviews from potential customers as well as current customers and employees! We do some of our creative work in-house, and she has gone out of her way to provide us with spreadsheets that explain deadlines in great detail and keep us on-task. On top of that, she is a caring individual who embraces her clients with zeal and makes their success her passion. It is a true delight to work with such a talented individual.

Celeste M. Brooks
Director of Public Relations
Randolph-Macon Academy
Front Royal, Virginia

I’ve worked with Lois for many years. Experience counts. She is a solid writer and producer. Stellar writing skills. Always delivers on time and on budget. Reliable and dependable. Lois always gets the job done!

Drew Moniot, Ph.D.
Creative Development Manager
Pittsburgh, PA

Lois Elder has been a valuable partner to ClearBrands' client media planning and management for over a decade. What I love most about Lois is her tenacity for ensuring her clients are well served. She does this with a wise, quiet professionalism that is hard to come by. I would enthusiastically recommend Lois to any business who's seeking an expert who knows the media market and how to get the most out of their advertising dollars.

Brian Cubarney
ClearBrands, Inc.
Business-Brand Architects

From her attention to detail, to her friendly, yet professional demeanor, Lois is a pleasure to work with. She provides a seamless experience and is a wonderful liaison between her clients and vendors.

Margaret Thompson
Richmond Family Magazine

James Austin Company has been consulting with Lois Elder for well over ten years. We have been extremely pleased with her willingness to try new and innovative ideas in the advertising market. Her expertise and knowledge in the advertising world has made it easy for us to trust her decisions in scheduling and budget crunching. Lois always has in mind what is the best fit for our products in the local surrounding communities.

Maureen Rinaman Luther
James Austin Company
Mars, PA

Since the late 1980's Lois and I have been working together on many great projects. I've always been impressed with her business ethics and professionalism. She brings to the sales side a keen insight of what the client needs, what the client is striving to accomplish, and how we can work together to meet and exceed the goals and expectations of the client.

Michael Silvert
Pittsburgh, PA (1984 - 2008)

My experiences with Lois have been multi-faceted as I evolved from a TV station videographer and editor to owner of a video production facility to owner of a TV station. Lois always comes prepared with her plans well spelled out, organized, and with a sense of what the client will like and what will work best for the client, whether it's Catholic Charities, KQV Radio and a tribute to 75 years of broadcasting, the Diocese of Pittsburgh, or Sears retail stores.

The other dimension is her work as the director of television ministry for Saint Mary of Mercy parish, providing the Noon Mass to our facility for telecast seven days a week throughout Western Pennsylvania. And we've worked on the Christian Leaders Fellowship project for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh to provide an important, meaningful holiday message by way of television. We would be on location with a dozen leaders of the various Christian denominations in Western Pennsylvania, asking them to work on the life-size Nativity set, outside, in the cold, in the snow, enjoying a real spirit of fellowship and partnership

Ron Bruno
The Videohouse, Inc.

As a Marketing Director, Shopping Center Manager, and later as a Regional Marketing Manager of a large national Shopping Center Company, I had the pleasure of working with Lois Elder. She is Creative talent, marketing know-how, and media savvy all in one.

David J. Koltash
Former Shopping Center Manager
Lois Elder is the consummate professional who executes on time, on budget...every time. As a 20+ year advertising veteran, Lois has a deep understanding of the media market. She is an effective listener, with the ability to translate a client's business needs into powerful and targeted messages. Lois provides end-to-end solutions of market analysis, media planning, buying, quality television production, and cross-platform messaging. Her experience includes cross-platform community campaigns comprised of digital, broadcast and print media, designed to encompass specific themes.

Mara Reuben
Strategic Solutions
Alliance Corporate Services
New York, NY

I have worked with Lois as a client, a vendor, and a colleague. From any perspective, her focus is customer-centric – focused, organized, effective, and powerful. It’s all about quality and getting the job done right – the first time.

Brad Risch
Broadcast Consultant
Former CBS Producer/Director/Manager (1977-2013)

A commercial shoot produced by Lois is the most organized project you ever want to work on! Every detail is planned before we arrive to the client's place of business so as to not waste time or interfere with any on-going business while on the location. As the makeup artist, she gives me info about who I will be working with, such as a sensitive detail like a birthmark or scar so I can handle that discreetly. We also work well as a team; for instance, I will touch up the makeup if the audio person needs to change batteries or if Lois needs to review the script with the client. The time we spend on a shoot is completely productive to give the client a perfect result.

Lori Walker Geiger
KDKA-TV Beauty Editor and makeup artist
plus Pittsburgh freelance makeup artist

I have worked closely with Lois for almost 20 years in the areas of production and post-production. She is very creative and artistic in directing the development of promotional media for her clients. She's a dedicated professional with a strong network of expert resources and pulls out all the stops to get the job done. Her great sense of humor along with her talents guarantee a pleasurable working relationship.

Chris Loewer
Pittsburgh, PA

I have known and collaborated with Lois Elder for many years, and I am constantly impressed by her attention to not only the details of the job but her creativity. Unlike other agencies, she's not out to make a "fast buck"; she's committed to making everyone a winner.

Phillip Chalmers
Senior Video Editor

I have known Lois Elder for the past 35+ years. She is creative, highly principled, professional and ethical. Over the years, we have worked together on a variety of projects, large and small, from developing and executing multi-market advertising campaigns for independent retailers (KDKA Radio), to corporate messaging (KDKA-TV) and media relations for special events (Lois Elder Creative and Media Consultant). She is always prepared. If you are seeking a skilled professional to guide you through today's complex and rapidly changing marketing landscape, I highly recommend Lois Elder without reservation.

Cheri Earl
Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur

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