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Not My Mission Statement

What? No Mission Statement? You're right. Surprised? You shouldn't be. You won't see a paragraph of sentences with clever phrases, dynamic statements and a trite litany of commitments including the ever-popular, "we're passionate about what we do."

Lois Elder Creative and Media is a trusted, reliable resource for businesses, schools, non-profits, companies and other agencies, who understand and appreciate the importance of advertising, and respect the value of working with someone who knows how to put plans together within your budget and with your goals. Easy to understand. Workable. Organized.

If all you need is help with outdoor advertising, tell me. If all you need is help with radio, tell me. If all you need is a someone to put a plan together for you and handle the details for you, tell me.

Whether point of purchase, street furniture, print, broadcast, electronic...tell me.

I help you deliver the message, detailing what media works best for you, creating a campaign that you approve, lightening your workload, and taking care of the pesky details that cause you to say, "I have too much on my plate."
I have a platter. Transfer some of that stuff from your plate onto my platter. Call me.

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|ˈhandz, -ôn|


involving or offering active participation rather than theory